The Secret Pardon is owned by Laurie Rylander, of Sweetwater
Farms, Brewster, Cape Cod, MA. Since 1979 Sweetwater Farms
and our vision/mission has been that of breeding competitive
Quality Appaloosas with Class, Correctness, Color, Genetic and
Physical soundness. You are cordially invited to visit Sweetwater
Farms by appointment, and with our web site currently under
construction, please feel free to check our Face Book page via this
Breeders of World Caliber Appaloosas of Quality, Color & Class since 1979
Laurie Rylander, 676 Harwich Road, PO Box 1797, Brewster, (Cape Cod) MA, USA 02631
Farm/house ph: 508.896.6021
FAX: 508.896.2013
Sire: The Secret, ApHC
Multiple World & National Champion Sire
Lifetime Production Achievement Recipient
Leading Sire of Halter Champions

Dam: Pardon Me Poise, ApHC (passed in 2012)
Multiple World & National Champion Producer
Production Plaque Recipient

THE SECRET PARDON is HYPP N/N, a still fairly uncommon genetic attribute among the elite National
& World Champion Appaloosa Halter stallions.

At Sweetwater Farms, we personally believe breeding for HYPP N/N horses should be a high priority among
responsible, informed breeders-and it is with us.  Selectively breeding for HYPP negative horses is the only
known method proven to eradicate HYPP from all breeds known to be affected by it-Quarter Horses, Paints,
every breed that allowed out-crossing to QH's-including the North American Color Breeds-and the Appaloosa.  

Any horse that is not HYPP N/N carries the dominant, defective HYPP gene which causes the painful
and occasionally lethal symptoms, and a mutation in muscle type, as part of the HYPP syndrome.
Unfortunately, unless N/H horses are bred to N/N horses, the resulting offspring will also possess the
defective HYPP gene. Breeding HYPP N/H to HYPP N/H not only guarantees an N/H foal, the chances of
an H/H foal increase dramatically.

Now more than ever, HYPP N/N stallions of Quality have become highly sought after by progressive
breeders seeking to breed foals with physical and genetic soundness.  By doing so, this will help
permanently eradicate HYPP and the heartaches associated with it, via the only method proven to
work-which is by naturally breeding the flawed gene out of all breeds with specific AQHA genes in
their lineage.

Because The Secret Pardon does not carry the dominant, positive gene for HYPP, he cannot pass it
along to his off-spring. This is a definite bonus for breeders of halter horses, and horses of all other
disciplines who carry the offending AQHA genes.

Both, "Diesel's" Sire, The Secret, and his Dam, Pardon Me Poise, who passed in 2012, are renowned
producers of multiple World & National Champions, and recipients of Lifetime Achievement Awards,
earned and awarded based on their successful production records as the Sire and Dam of Multiple
World and National Champions, including The Secret Pardon.
We appreciate all who elected to breed to The Secret Pardon, despite the economy. To
show our sincere appreciation to these mare owners, and to help encourage more people
to breed their mares, a $,7500 Cash Breeding Incentive has been established, with
payouts for 2014 foals sired by THE SECRET PARDON, resulting from 2013 breedings at
the posted fee of $1,000.  We hope other stallion owners will join us in trying to increase
the numbers of horses shown, and in doing so stimulate Halter entries.
             The Secret Pardon's 2014 Stud Fee is $1,000, and he stands at Char-O-Lot Ranch.

The Secret Pardon, or "DIESEL" as we call him, stands at Char-O-Lot Ranch, in Myakka City, FL., USA, under the
capable, expert guidance of Sue Schembri, Stallion & Breeding Manager of Char-O-Lot Ranch, which Sue and her
family own.

Mare owners in the USA can breed to The Secret Pardon via the use of Cooled Shipped Semen so mares do not
have to travel.  However, Char-O-Lot Ranch provides the useful service of breeding mares at their farm using AI,
and decades of hand-on experience, with on-farm ultrasound, prompt results to blood work if needed, monitoring
of progesterone, other hormonal levels and of evidence of contagions.

With mares cultured, and treated until they are clean, even problem mares can be under optimal conditions to
become pregnant, and hold the pregnancy until re-confirmed at 45 days.  This can be especially productive choice
for mares who may require constant monitoring, via blood tests and ultrasound, prior to and after breeding and is
one of the many services Char-O-Lot Ranch offers to mare owners and those interested in Appaloosa show horses.  
To book a breeding to The Secret Pardon contact  
Sue Schembri, Stallion Manager, or Laurie Rylander, Stallion
HYPP N/N, 2008 Appaloosa Stallion
3-X Medallion Earner, 5-X National Champion, Res. World
Champion & National Reserve Grand Champion Stallion
Sire of Color, Weanling Futurity Champion & Reserve Champion,
Point Earners, Class Winners, Grand Champion & Reserve Grand,
World Qualifiers 2013 & 2014
80% color first 4 foal crops (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)*
Sire of:   
Regional Weanling Futurity Champion, Filly, (ME)
Regional Reserve Weanling Futurity Champion, Colt, (LA)
National Championships Top Five Yearling Colts
Regional Class Winners, Point Earners, Grand & Reserve Grand Champions
2014 STUD FEE: $1,000. USD*
(See about consideration for Private Treaty Stud Fee below)
For Breeding Contracts to The Secret Pardon please
contact Sue Schembri, Stallion & Breeding Manager, via email by
Stallion Manager-The Secret Pardon,
by cell
at: 941.322.1882 or direct email at
Since 1979 at  Sweetwater Farms we have remained dedicated and continued striving to breed quality
Appaloosa Horses with Color, Talent, Class, Charisma, and Physical Correctness and Genetic Soundness, which
in some cases are directly related.  Sweetwater Farms is owned by James and Laurie Rylander, also owner of
The Secret Pardon, an HYPP N/N Appaloosa  Stallion, and Multiple National Halter Champion, with cooled and
frozen semen available to breeders via shipping worldwide.

Appaloosas are for sale include horses suited for a variety of  events and levels of riders.   Show horses suited
for Halter, Pleasure, Reining and Cutting  prospects,  seasoned show horses, and broodmares settled in foal to
The Secret Pardon.  

You are cordially invited to visit Sweetwater Farms by appointment, and with our web site currently under
construction, please feel free to check our Face Book page via this link-
Click to send  message

We support the inclusion of Appaloosas to
We are working with the organizers of the Futurity to let all
Appaloosa owners know about it.
Farm/house phone: 508-896-6021
FAX: 508-896-2013
Jamie cell: 508-237-6609
Text or call Laurie via: 774-353-6813

We are very busy on the farm & may not answer texts as
they come in. We are happy to reply to emails, answer
phone & text messages, & messages sent through the
Farm's Facebook page easily found at:
Special thanks to Kelly Barnes, and for a wonderful ads, and The
created by Kelly a few years ago & now a must have for
breeders looking for Top AQHA, Paint, Palomino, Appaloosa and other Halter,
Pleasure & Performance Stallions.
The Stallion Journal is a must have for
anyone considering breeding their mare to a Top Stallion.
At Sweetwater Farms we strive to breed Quality Appaloosa Horses
with Class, Color, Charisma and Physical & Genetic Soundness, as
we have since 1979.

Laurie Rylander, co-owner of Sweetwater Farms and owner of
Secret Pardon, a Modern, 2008 HYPP N/N, Appaloosa, and Multiple
National Champion Halter Stallion,
remains dedicated to  breeding
for Quality Appaloosa Horses, with Talent, Color, Charisma, Class,
and Physical and Genetic Soundness.  

Appaloosa Horses are for sale, from show horses suited for Halter,
Pleasure, Reining, Trail, Western Riding, All 'rounders, in ages
ranging from prospects to seasoned veterans of the show arena.
Broodmares in foal to The Secret Pardon are also occasionally for
sale at Sweetwater Farms, Cape Cod.
Are you searching for an elite,
colored Appaloosa stallion, with the added bonus of being
HYPP N/N & proven in the show arena
as a
5-X National Halter Champion & World Reserve Champion
with a pedigree of proven Appaloosa Excellence?

If you believe combinations such as these can help provide
your foals with today's highly sought  after physical, genetic and color attributes,
The Secret Pardon may be worth considering
as the breeding stallion of
your choice.  

Your search might be over!

The Secret Pardon is now continuing to prove himself as a Sire of
Color, Quality, Charisma, and Style.  As of last season's end, 2013, "Diesel" had sired
Futurity Champions, Point Earners, Class Winners, National Championships-Top 5
Open & NP,
Grand Champions & World Championship Qualifiers.
Sweetwater Farms Sweetwater Farms World & National Champion Appaloosa Horses since 1979
Home & Birthplace of World & National Champion Appaloosas
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Centaur HTP and their beautiful, safe
horse fencing.
Sweetwater Farms
676 Harwich Rd.
Brewster, Cape Cod, MA 02631
FAX: 508.896.2013

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Sweetwater Farms Information
opportunities available.
Full or part time
positions. Housing
available to the right
Sweetwater Farms
est. 1979
Cape Cod, MA
Appaloosas of Quality, Color & Class since 1979
Home & Birthplace of World & National Champions
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Sweetwater Farms is located an easy
2.9 miles from the Interstate!
Visitors by appointment.
After an internal restructuring, Sweetwater Truck & RV continues to offer owners of 4 X 4s, beach
buggies, and Truck & RV enthusiasts, the perfect outlet for the purchase and installation of useful
after-market products, replacement parts, routine RV maintenance, winterizing, and wiring for
hitches. The installation of parts and accessories, hitches, and plenty of gleaming chrome and eye
catching lights for trucks and trailers has always been a favorite of our clients-from Big Rig drivers
to owners of styling 4 X 4's, duallys and today's horsetrailers which offer as much comfort for the
people as for the horses.

Let Sweetwater Truck & RV & Bryan's expertise help add more style and shine to your truck,
trailer or combination rig. Check our Webshots Album, "Sweetwater's World of Wheels" to see
some possibilities you may want to try on your ride. Safety first! Be sure to check all brake
bearings, wheel lugs, tire tread and pressure before thinking about putting a horse in your trailer!
These services are offered at Sweetwater Truck & RV.  After 5pm appointments are possible.
The Silver Stirrup Studio is also as a one stop shop and online venue to help satisfy the needs of Model Horse
enthusiasts, & Live and Photo Show Competitors seeking excellence in models, props & tack, created by more
than one artist, and artisan.  Featured are a variety of beautiful painted, and unpainted artist's resins, with
many breeds and types of horses captured on the move, posed for show. Also available are OOAK Artist's
Resins-painted & unpainted, with a wide range of factory and customized Breyer and Peter Stone models; and
plenty of suitably sized tack and props for all sorts of models. All are in stock and ready to bring the winning
touches to your model entries and displays-whether for enjoying on the mantel, gift giving or for competitively
participating in Model Horse Shows- an enjoyable endeavor to say the least!
Sweetwater Farms offers World Class Appaloosa Horses bred, and raised specifically
to excel in a variety of competitive events. In addition to our horses, stallion
services, schooling, and boarding, Sweetwater Farms also provides today's
competitors with all that's needed to compete at events ranging from local to World
levels. From maintaining show rigs, to offering the latest in Ready to Win show tack
and apparel, we've got you covered!
At The In Gate provides an in-stock inventory of quality show tack and apparel, geared to
meet the varying needs and budgets of today's competitors from those who show locally, to
the competitors on the Regional Circuits and Zones, right and up to National & World
Championship levels, with prices set accordingly. Whether selecting your head to toe
signature show ensemble, or updating via re-creating an existing wardrobe-we've got you
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show season.
Dream big! Work hard.
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You are cordially invited to visit Sweetwater
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Uniquely qualified for consideration as the
Appaloosa breeding stallion of your choice.
THE SECRET PARDON, aka "Diesel" is a distinctive HYPP N/N, Appaloosa stallion. With his striking, vividly
colored Appaloosa coat pattern, a proven show record at the National level, as a 5-X National Champion Halter
Stallion, Res. World Champion Halter Stallion, National Reserve Grand Champion Stallion, (as a yearling), and a
one of a kind pedigree of Halter Royalty, The Secret Pardon has many positive attributes to pass to his
offspring, which may make him worth considering for your mares.

Adding to The Secret Pardon's desirability as an Appaloosa Sire is his HYPP N/N genetic status, now becoming
a highly sought after genetic attribute informed breeders often seek to alleviate any chance of the defective
gene for HYPP being passed along to their foals. The Secret Pardon is one of a limited number of National and
World Champion Halter Stallions who are HYPP N/N, and therefor cannot pass the gene along.

THE SECRET PARDON is an Appaloosa Breeders Trust stallion for 2013 and 2014.

The Secret Pardon is a producer of color, point earners, class winners, Grand Champions and Regional Futurity
Champions and Reserves.  The Secret Pardon is one of a limited number of National and World Champion
Halter Stallions who are HYPP N/N. THE SECRET PARDON is an Appaloosa Breeders Trust stallion for 2013 and

    THE SECRET PARDON meets the strict criteria for that of a top modern Halter Stallion and Sire, with
    exceptional style, quality, color, class and charisma-and he does not carry the defective HYPP gene, and
    therefor cannot pass it along to his get.  His HYPP N/N status, and pedigree of proven Halter royalty provides
    The Secret Pardon with many positive attributes, created with a solid foundation of proven Appaloosa
    excellence, to pass on to his foals.

    The Secret Pardon is especially desirable as an Appaloosa Sire worthy of breeding to because of his HYPP N/N
    genetic status, now highly sought after by informed breeders seeking to eradicate HYPP from their foals-once
    and for all, while adding positive attributes to the Appaloosa gene pool.

    Following a remarkable show career, THE SECRET PARDON is continuing forward as an elite, HYPP N/N
    Appaloosa stallion and sire.  As of this date, to the best of our knowledge, he's produced about 85% color with
    his first three foal crops, (2011, 2012 & 2013). With a limited breedings he has sired Class Winners, Point
    Earners, Grand Champions, Reserve Grand Champions, National Champion Top 5, and Regional Weanling
    Futurity Champions & Res.Champions.  

    A limited number of Private Treaty Stud Fees may be considered for 2014. World & National Champions,
    Producers of World & National Champions & Superior Halter horses, are among those which may qualify for PT
    stud fees.

We are pleased to be able to offer THE SECRET PARDON, an HYPP N/N, Appaloosa stallion of quality for consideration
as the stallion of your choice to breed to-for many of the reasons, not the least of which is knowing that as an HYPP
N/N stallion there is no chance of the HYPP defective gene being carried to your foal from him.
Adding to the obvious desirability of THE SECRET PARDON as a breeding stallion is his HYPP N/N

Although some make light of horses who carry the HYPP gene, some successful breeders and
winning competitors take the life-long effects HYPP has on horses seriously, and have been
purposefully seeking to breed to stallions  free of the defective HYPP gene.

Many progressive Halter Breeders, with the backing of the Equine Veterinary Community, are
currently committed to seeking HYPP N/N stallion to use, since the only known method of ridding
horses of HYPP, is by breeding the faulty gene, identified as the cause what we refer to as HYPP,
out naturally. The responsible breeding of crosses most likely to produce offspring who will not, or
cannot possess this dominant gene along is the only known method which has proven to be
effective for eradicating the gene in all breeds, including the Appaloosa, known to possess HYPP.

THE SECRET PARDON is among an elite small group of stallions who are HYPP N/N, yet have also
won National & World Championships.

Because "Diesel" does not possess the HYPP gene he cannot pass along the gene for HYPP along
to his foals.

80% color produced from "Diesel's" first 3 foal crops! (2011, 2012, 2013- to date)


SIRE of:
Point Earners, Class winners,
Grand Champions
Reserve Grand Champions
Top 5 National Championships
World Championship Qualifiers, including 2014 Qualifier

When we had to raise our stud fee in 2013, a $7,500 Cash Breeding Incentive was implemented
for foals sired by The Secret Pardon, from 2013 breedings purchased at the 2013 fee of $1,000.
Payouts are $5,000.00 to the first eligible foal to win 2014 Weanling World Champion, with
$2,500.00 for the first eligible foal to win 2014 Weanling Reserve World Champion.

If no eligible foals Cash Payouts from The Secret Pardon's 2013 Breeding Incentive as Weanlings
at the 2014 World Championships, eligible 2014 foals can compete for Breeding Incentive Payouts
as Yearlings, at the 2015 Nationals and the 2015 World Championships.

More information explaining all the rules of the 2013 $7,500 Cash Breeding Incentive is explained
in detail by clicking on the page to be uploaded soon, with other pages, including our Sales page,
also scheduled to be uploaded.

Mare owners on a global level can also breed to The Secret Pardon, via SBS affiliates using
Certified Frozen Semen, which is already overseas stored at an SBS affiliate.  

Please see the page about breeding with Frozen Semen, Presently, The Secret Pardon's Certified
Frozen Semen is stored with an SBS Affiliate in Australia where it is to be handled and dispensed
by the experts in the field of Frozen Equine Semen, as determined by SBS and approved by
Laurie Rylander, stallion owner.

Contact Laurie Rylander via  email, or by phone at 508-896-6021, for additional information
about The Secret Pardon's frozen semen, for frozen semen purchase contracts, and for
procedural protocols for using Frozen Semen, stored at an SBS affiliate.

We strongly urge all who are considering the use of Frozen Equine Semen to learn all they can about
what they are considering purchasing, how it is tested, frozen and correctly used, which is vastly
different from methods used to inseminate with Cooled Semen. The SBS (Select Breeders Service) web
site has a wealth of information on the topic in their online Library which is well worth reviewing.
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